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Oversized Splash Pad

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Cool down this summer with a mighty splash pad!

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Features & Specs

  • Model:
  • Dimension:
    Ø68" (165 cm)
  • Package Dimension:
    12.2 x 9.84 x 1.57 in (310 x 250 x 40 mm)
  • Package Weight:
    approx 1.65 lb (0.75 kg)
  • Material:
  • Package Contents:
    1 x Splash Pad
    1 x Storage Bag
    1 x Hose Connector
    3 x Rubber Washers
    1 x Repair Patch
  • Features:
    ▪ Made from durable environmental and non-toxic PVC, the sprinkler pool and splash pad promises uncompromised quality and BPA & phthalates free, strong dielectric welding make perfect joints and ensure no leaking.
    ▪ 68" diameter family sized water filled sprinkler pad is very roomy, enough for your kids, toddlers, babies to play inside. You too can join in the fun!
    ▪ Connect the PVC tubing adapter and tap with standard garden hose. The water will sprinkle out like a fountain from the splash pad.
    ▪ Children can lay in the seaworld background design, learn some fun animal names during play!



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